Interactively Stylizing Camera Motion

To appear at ACM SIGCHI 2014

Neel Joshi        Dan Morris      Michael F. Cohen     

Microsoft Research

A user can modify camera motion style in real time by manipulating a 10-band equalizer for each of four camera motion parameters. The sliders adjust the power spectra of the camera motion path.

Movie directors and cinematographers impart style onto video using techniques that are learned through years of experience: camera movement, framing, color, lighting, etc. Without this experience and expensive equipment, it is very difficult to control stylistic aspects of a video. We introduce a novel approach for post-hoc editing of one specific aspect of cinematography - camera motion style - via an equalizer-like set of controls that manipulates the power spectra of a video's apparent motion path. We explore free manipulation of apparent camera motion as well as the transfer of motion styles from an example video to a new video to create a wide range of stylistic variations. We report on a user study confirming the ability of non-expert users to create motion styles.