The UCSD Vision and Graphics Laboratories and MERL acquired several light fields for computer graphics and vision research. The datasets in this archive were used in three recent papers: an ICCV 2007 paper on Synthetic Aperture Tracking [1], a SIGGRAPH 2006 paper on Natural Video Matting using Camera Arrays [2], and an EGSR 2006 paper on Antialiasing for Automultiscopic Displays [3]. We are making this data publicly available to researchers. All the datasets may be used for academic and research purposes, but are not to be used for commercial purposes without explicit permission, nor should they appear in a product for sale without our permission. If you use this data in a publication, please acknowledge the UCSD Vision and Graphics Laboratories and Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory, and please cite the appropriate paper as indicated for each dataset.

Data Format

Each light field is available as a zipped archive of images in PNG format. We provide images that are rectified and color and radiometrically corrected.


These light fields were acquired using an eight-camera array and a linear translating gantry.


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